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21-Jul-2017 22:00

I asked a bunch of men and women, straight and gay, some questions about how they behave when dating online. Overall, men didn’t seem to care what they post, their profile pics or what women put, when they’re on dating apps they’re simply “on safari”. There’s also an attraction to assertiveness.” Said one of the guys I asked. Other than finding out who each other’s mutual friends are and where their aunt went on holiday last year.

In other words, they’re just looking for that initial physical attraction. And the whole point of these apps is meant to be the immediacy, but weirdly most people don’t even message the person they’ve matched with. If your girl has 200 matches, rest assured she’s probably only spoken to 20 of them. It’s all kinda unnecessary and distracts from the real question.

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Instagram, for my money, is the best social network out there right now.

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There’s something innately unnatural about finding out so much information so soon though. And in the flurry of pheromones and dick-pics we forget all the niceties and basic manners that come with meeting people offline.

-these were taken after @andrewfitzsimons convinced me to do the big chop!

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Plus, we can't forget the greatest thing about “IG”: beautiful people.

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The fact that you can look at well-manicured pictures of whoever you think is attractive is a benefit that should keep Instagram in business for years to come.Who doesn't like looking at people who are good-looking? We just react to visual stimuli much more than women.