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06-Feb-2018 19:26

It was in 2005 the now defunct Sunday tabloid revealed details of Craig’s and Sienna’s affair.

Evans, appearing as a prosecution witness, has already admitted conspiracy to hack phones at the Sunday Mirror between February 2003 and January 2005.

Craig and Weisz married back in 2011, and many doubted the marriage would last from day one.

After all, Craig has a long history of cheating, and he and Weisz were both in serious relationships when they first started hooking up.

But in that specific time period, the Jude-Sienna situation was BIG news.

The nanny sold her story and we knew intimate details about Jude’s seduction techniques and all of it was quite embarrassing for him.

Did Daniel call off his engagement to Satsuki Mitchell so that he could be with Rachel Weisz?

Sienna played the victim rather well, she and Jude broke up for a time but then started up again (and followed that pattern a few more times too).

Jason Lewis is an American actor and fashion model who is familiar with his performance in the 2008 movie ‘Sex and the City’ and its 2010 sequel.

Jason Lewis embarked his acting career from the television series ‘High Sierra Search and Rescue’ as Flynn Norstedt in 1995.

So here’s some vintage gossip: I remember reading about this Daniel Craig connection at the time and thinking that Sienna sounded like a cool chick.

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It was immediately following the revelation about Jude banging the nanny.If nothing else, this should generate some additional excitement for their new film.