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Special mention should be made of Shirley Anne Field's performance as Mrs.

Bolton - the nurse who understands Everything - and conveys so much to us without a word. But the movie belongs to Sean Bean, who gets his teeth in and doesn't let go. He's less affecting in the love scenes than when he's simply trying to defend himself - His lady has no idea what a spectacular risk he's taking.

" Madden told the Press Association in March."All that stigma, all that smut's gone and it's actually it's just about these three people which is the fascinating story of it.

There's sex and passion in it but we're not going to shock people like the book did." There will, however, be one scene in which Lady Chatterley runs to Mellors in the middle of a storm, wearing only her nightdress.

She then meets Mellors, the family gameskeeper, with whom she begins an affair. The movie, filmed for TV in four segments, does an excellent job of portraying the lives of Lawrence's characters and the lifestyles and fashion of that era.

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I was too often aware I was watching her Act, especially when naked. James Wilby had pretty much perfected the upper class twit, though the vitriolic nastiness he brings to Chatterley is probably the acme of his career.I loved Lord Chatterly's gas-powered wheelchair for zipping around the grounds, altho why he didn't install an elevator in the mansion is a mystery.