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I'm sure more than a few of them felt that Tarzan was "asking for it" by wearing only a loin cloth.Fabulous cocktails, stunning food and great atmosphere. Professional Mixologists offer a staggering range of drinks and some completely original concoctions. Coconut is one of the most popular places for Asian food and cocktails in Reading.   We’ve served more than 150,000 customers since we opened our doors in May 2014.3 years ago, in Reading nobody knew who/what/where Coconut was. We face difficulties all the time, as a team, we learn from each other, we help each other to get through these difficulties everyday.I’m not sure if he thought he could win me over or if there was an even grander design. I’ll not share details here, but several factors went into my choosing ‘Under Heaven’ for the Liquorature crew. A while later, and after many a word shared with GGK himself, another one of his works, ‘Ysabel’, knocked my socks off.Either way, I came away from it after turning the last weighty pages with a great appreciation of the work, but an even more profound appreciation for the man himself. First off…a few scenes in ‘Fionavar’ simply blew me away. Kay’s mix of fantasy (very lightly and deftly applied in the case of ‘Under Heaven’ and ‘Ysabel’) and history is extremely appealing. The more he and I conversed on the subject, the more I came to see how sprawling his knowledge and interests really are.Our mission is simple and clear to our team members.We want " Our customers who come in to Coconut and feel proud to be here.Most of our regulars have become friends.   Here we have dream and hope, that’s what pushes us forward. We hope we can open another Coconut Bar and Kitchen in the near future, so more people can enjoy our great food and drinks and our lovely atmosphere. S Please feel free to come in to say ‘Hi’ to us; we are always ready to serve you! Without the staff, we can't build such a successful business in this short period of time.

In an exposé for Los Angeles Magazine, a former Jack Sparrow revealed what it's really like to be a face character at Disneyland.

While this isn't exactly new news, it's another example of just how good Disney is at making all things appear perfect.

Based on Brandon Hillock's account, here are some of the harshest realities you'll face performing as a Disney character.

Und zusammen mit einigen Leserinnen und Lesern haben wir uns von so manchem verabschiedet. So hattest Du es beim diesjährigen Faircamp in Berlin ausgerufen, Santa.

Und, wie hat es bei Dir ganz persönlich mit unserer #ichmisteaus – Challenge geklappt?With over 100 rums on our backbar, we are always tinkering with new drinks, and adding sexy, aged rums to the shelf.